A Thousand Twangling Instruments

This site is dedicated to the following convictions:

  • Harpsichords are large, tasteful instruments.
  • Builders like Sperrhake, Pleyel, Neupert, Challis, Goble, Ammer, Herz, Wittmayer, Sassman, and Goble knew what they were doing.
  • If schools of Bach interpretation were laundry detergent, the school of Bach interpretation which culminated in Karl Richter would be the best at cleaning your clothes.
  • A single 16′-stop beats a double 8′-stop any day of the week.
  • Single-manual period-influenced french harpsichords are to revival pedal harpsichords are to pedal clavichords as soggy pretzels are to crunchy pretzels are to even crunchier pretzels.
  • Don’t get me wrong, there’s space in the conversation for soggy pretzels.

Baroque Music links:

On the German Harpsichord and Pedal Harpsichord

On the Lute Harpsichord


Miscellaneous links:

Buy a double manual harpsichord, why don’t you!?


History of the harpsichord

2 thoughts on “A Thousand Twangling Instruments

  1. This is so bad!! i cant beleive itt? Seriusly greta probubly look at this once now she sat me down and boom!!! big talk lots of details realy seriious & big words. cAnt believ it!!


    • For your case, I’d recommend a Ruckers muselaar. The bass notes grunt like young pigs and the arpichordium stop is a real eye-catcher!


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