Günther Ramin Motets

Bach wrote six motets, and Günther Ramin recorded them.

These aren’t solo revival harpsichord recordings, but they’re certainly worth a listen or eight. Günther Werner Hans Ramin, Thomaskantor from 1940-1956 and teacher of Karl Richter, left us with few recordings, including a few cantatas and some solo harpsichord works performed on a Russian serien model harpsichord. His motets, collected by me from various sources on the internet, represent a cornerstone of his (and Richter’s) school of Bach interpretation.

Only one motet, “Lobet den Herrn Alle Heiden,” possesses orchestral accompaniment, including a harpsichord which may have been played by Richter.

Download Ramin’s Motets

Günther Ramin Bio 1

Günther Ramin Bio 2