Peter Schreier age 13 – 16


Peter Schreier, age 80

Peter Schreier als Knabenalt Des Dresdner Kreuzchor

This album features Peter Schreier ages 13-16 (1948-1851). Peter Schreier (b. 1935) was the tenor evangelist on Karl Richter’s recordings of Bach’s Passions, his Christmas Oratorio, and sung arias for many of his cantatas. Born in 1935, Schreier was as a child affiliated with the Dresdner Kreuzchor, headed by Rudolf Mauersberger. Mauersberger taught Karl Richter Richter choral and orchestral conducting. See, in good music, everybody knows everybody.

Schreier joined the Dresdner Kreuzchor as a child, initially singing alto parts. His voice dropped to a tenor, as he had wished, and this disc brings to posterity the period immediately after that drop.

Under the baton of Mauersberger Schreier pours his vocal cords into five magnificent Bach excerpts at the beginning of the disc. The rest is dedicated to various relatively obscure items of repertoire, including compositions for soloist and piano (as well as choral pieces) by the conductor himself. Mauersberger’s chorus is quite warbly and woolly, yet surprisingly smooth in articulation. Think the opposite of the Jagerchor from the Oskar Fried selection.