Silvia Kind

Image result for silvia kind harpsichordThis page requires a small story. After doing some research on revival harpsichords I somehow found myself on the de facto frontpage of revival harpsichords on the internet.  This page is fantastic, containing a description with musical examples of each of the major manufacturers of revival harpsichords in their heyday.

Under the “Neupert” heading I found a particular recording, “The Bells” by William Byrd, played by Silvia Kind. I will not extemporize upon the effect that this recording had on me; I will only say that I returned to it many a time. And then, without warning, it vanished from the page, and is indeed no longer present.

I scoured the internet for records of its existence, and it appeared from my search as though this woman and her work are only slightly less obscure than this website. So I did something that I had never done.

I contacted the owner of the website. His name is Robert Tifft, and he graciously sent me a few recordings by Ms. Kind. I was absolutely transfixed by the recordings, and I am now making them available.

Download Silvia Kind Recordings

Silvia Kind was a professor of baroque ornamentation at the University of Washington starting in the ’60s, and died in 2002. She has her own website, operated by her grandnephew Ueli. She released no more than four commercial recordings, of which I have only ever found two vinyl editions.

Note – the link I have provided contains two subfolders- volume 1 and 2. Volume 1 contains those excertps sent by Mr. Tifft, and volume 2 consists in a mere repackaging of music by Ms. Kind  which I found on Al Goldstein’s homepage.